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The Black Stalks

A band truly born in 2010, The Black Stalks came about through four mutual friends and the implosion of their respective bands. As the embers of Sixmilewater and Mamyko settled, a new group was forged from the flames. Colin, Joseph, Mike and Colm came together and a strong but tentative sound started to emerge…gigs happened fleetingly, under different guises. But a name, a name was needed…Something to tie it all together and bring about the end of formation into reformation and reclamation, to really kick-start the group. But what was it to be? Names got tossed back and forth, at the same time a natural disaster on the far side of the world, over on the east coast of Japan, began to turn to a nuclear disaster, bringing back sharp memories of a similar tragedy in Europe (present day Ukraine) way back in 1986. The interest was sparked, fascinating the band members, consumed in literature and details of both disasters….Chernobyl, what does it mean? Chornyi  and byllia, Black and Grass, Black and Stalks….The Black Stalks. The name is there, they take it.

Group Shot Live at Crowleys

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